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Decision Schedule 

Licensing Sub-Committee




Decision Schedule published on 9 July 2019


The Licensing Sub-Committee took the following decisions on 9 July 2019, which became effective immediately.


Councillors Davies (in the Chair), H Thomas and J Hughes


(Cllr Thomas replaced Cllr C Ferris due to declaration of potential conflict of interest)



LICSUB 03/19





Application for a Premises Licence



The Sub Committee considered the application and the representations made both written and those made orally by all parties at the hearing. It also noted that agreement had already been reached between the applicant (ICCW), Gwent Police and Newport City Council Noise Team to attach conditions to any proposed issued premises licence.


The committee welcomed the comments made by ICCW regarding a proposed appointment of a Transport Manager and also working closely with local residents.


The Chair asked the resident if she was happy with the hearing procedure today and that all her concerns had been addressed, the resident stipulated they were.


The committee determined to grant the application as applied for, subject to the conditions in the operating schedule and the agreed conditions with Gwent Police and Newport City Council Noise Team being attached to the premises licence.







Implemented by: 9 July2019

Implementation Timetable: Immediate























Dyddiad cyhoeddi: 30/11/2023

Dyddiad y penderfyniad: 09/07/2019

Penderfynwyd yn y cyfarfod: 09/07/2019 - Is-bwyllgor Trwyddedu

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