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a)      Forward Work Programme Update (Appendix 1)

b)      Actions Plan (Appendix 2)





-        Neil Barnett – Scrutiny Adviser


a)    Forward Work Programme Update (Appendix 1) 


Wednesday 9 November

·       Norse Joint Venture Partnership

·       EAS Value for Money Report


Wednesday 7 November

·       VAWDASV

·       Shared Resource Services


The Committee will receive annual updates on both.


b) Actions Plan (Appendix 2) 


-        The Scrutiny Adviser advised the Members that all actions apart from one action are up to date on the action sheet as actioned.


-        The Community Safety Update has been considered as an action. The Members were informed that the Scrutiny Adviser is working with Janice Dent on bringing that report to the committee which would likely to be in March/April. The Adviser agreed to let the Committee know when a date has been set.


-        A Member asked for clarity on the work programme order as the report mentions that the cabinet has also put together a work programme.


The Scrutiny Adviser explained that when the advisers plan the Forward Work Programme, they also initially work out Cabinet’s Forward Work Programme and then work with the Heads of Service to look back at what comes in annually such as the EAS Value for Money Report, the Well-being Plan.


The Adviser informed Members if there is anything that the Members would like the scrutiny team to bring to the partnership committee then that could be suggested with the chair of the committee to include in the draft forward work programme. The Committee were reminded that it is entirely up to them to add or take away items as they please.


-        The Member then queried if the committee are mirroring what the Cabinet are working through.


The Scrutiny Adviser raised the Market Stability Report which most recently came to Committee, which was requested by Phil Diamond to go to Partnerships before going to the Cabinet, which then would go to council. It varies amongst reports, as sometimes officers and partners ask for scrutiny input before sending the report to Cabinet and Council.


-        A Member asked to clarify if items on the agenda can only be reports.


The Scrutiny Adviser explained that some things come to scrutiny which have not before such as community safety as the Members have specifically asked; as it is a chance to speak with Janice Dent on that.


-        The Member wondered if it can be an area of working and not a specific report for discussion.


The Scrutiny Adviser confirmed as long as they fall within the terms of reference.


-        The Member asked if there is a list of partnerships that the council has.


The Scrutiny Adviser advised that this was sent to the chair when the committee was formed in May but offered to re-send that list. Members were referred to the list which is in the terms of reference.


Discussion ensued about the upcoming reports and a Member wished to ascertain what the scrutiny committee would be looking at in the meeting with Norse.


The Scrutiny Adviser agreed to circulate last year’s report and minutes to give the Members an idea of how to prepare for the meeting as a guideline. If it’s about individual queries then that would be taken up outside of the committee.The Adviser explained that they are finalising the scrutiny handout which helps explain what every committee does, such as councillor support as they are looking to update it as it would be going regional. It would be something the officers will send out as a lengthy document but it is an in-depth look at how scrutiny works.


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