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Pwyllgor Craffu ar Berfformiad – Lleoedd a Materion Corfforaethol - Dydd Llun, 11eg Gorffennaf, 2022 4.00 pm

Lleoliad: Siambr y Cyngor, Canolfan Ddinesig. Gweld cyfarwyddiadau

Cyswllt: Neil Barnett  Cynghorydd Craffu


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Councillors Bev Perkins and Gavin Horton.



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The Minutes of the previous meeting help on the 28th February 2022 were accepted as a true and accurate record.



2021/22 Adolygiadau Diwedd Blwyddyn Cynllun Gwasanaeth pdf icon PDF 131 KB


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Regeneration Investment and Housing



-          Councillor Jane Mudd – Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Strategic Investment

-          Councillor James Clarke – Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Regulation and Housing

-          Councillor Deb Harvey – Cabinet Member for Community Well-being

-          Tracey Brooks – Head of Regeneration and Economic Development

-          Caroline Ryan-Phillips - Head of Prevention and Inclusion


The Leader of the Council gave a brief overview of the report, and asked that in relation to the reports for it to be taken in to account that whilst all this work was ongoing our officers were still part of the response to Covid-19 and stressed the importance of viewing these reports and Performance Outcomes within this context. The Leader would like to recognise and acknowledge the significant efforts of the team. It was emphasised that the service plans relate to the previous service areas and going forward they have been reconfigured and so there will be a difference in responsibilities. There are new Cabinet Members as well as new Heads of Service that may not have been within these roles when some of this work was undertaken.


The Head of Regeneration and Economic Development gave a brief overview of the report and noted that through April 2021 to March 2022 the effects of Covid-19 were still felt as well as the affects from leaving the EU such as increases in the cost of materials and labour shortages. The Head of Regeneration and Economic Development commented on the Key Performance Indicators stating that there was a mixed bag but that they did not reflect the unique challenges that the staff were presented with.  The report also highlights the pressure on the services such as housing to accommodate rough sleepers which placed an extra strain on the housing supply. However, over £16 Million of Social Housing Grants were received and distributed as well as additional phase two funding for new accommodation units in the city centre was secured. The housing supply still remains a challenge, but the team remain committed to seize all opportunities to increase housing numbers.


The Head of Regeneration and Economic Development commented on the issues they have had with staff recruitment and how vacancies have impacted their abilities to deliver some services and that innovative ways to address those pressures were looked at. There has been an impact on the speed at which planning applications can be determined however whilst Newport City Council may be slower it’s been shown through the appeal process that the right decisions have been made rather than merely quick decisions.


The Head of Regeneration and Economic Development mentioned some positives, despite the challenges. The Carbon Management Team that supports the delivery of the Climate Change plan and the Local Area Energy plan and the community focused teams that have continued to provide support and access to Libraries and community centres throughout lockdowns and restrictions. The business support team have been able to deliver several million in  ...  view the full Cofnodion text for item 4.


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a)      Actions Plan (Appendix 1)




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-          Neil Barnett – Scrutiny Adviser


a.    Action Plans


The Scrutiny Adviser informed the Committee the all current actions are up to date, and then informed the Committee of the topics due to be discussed at the next committee meeting:


Monday 25th July 2022 at 4pm, the agenda items;


2021/22 Service Plan End of Year Reviews for:

- People and Business Change

- Law and Regulation

- Finance